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Research Study

Welcome! Thanks for choosing to participate in our study.

📜 Instructions Please read this carefully!

Today you will participate in a human/machine collaboration research study.

Your goal is to move your cursor to achieve the best overall performance. For example, you may be asked to make an object as small or large as possible.

After the experiment, we will ask a some question to evaluate the interaction. The entire experimental session should take around 10 minutes.

You are encouraged to be comfortably seated with your device and take breaks during the allotted times.

🔬 Benefits of the Scientific Research

We are studying how humans interact with machines like robots using computer interfaces, and what changes can be made to improve these interfaces.

This research may contribute to safer, more intuitive, or more adaptive human/machine interfaces with applications in virtual/augmented reality, teleoperated robotics, or assistive devices.

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Study Progress

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Task Load Survey

Mental Demand
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Physical Demand
How physically demanding was the task?

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Temporal Demand
How hurried or rushed was the pace of the task?

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How successful were you in accomplishing what you were asked to do?


How hard did you have to work to accomplish your level of performance?

Very Low
Very High

How insecure, discouraged, irritated, stressed, and annoyed were you?

Very Low
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